"Radio is born before (ραδιοφωνο) the First World War, in the wake of cordless telegraphy (TSF). Belgium can be now at the cutting edge considering that the first regular contacts in Europe are send out in 1914 from Laeken. The rapid technical creation of the newest medium helps the continuous innovation in the delivery of courses.

In 1930, the Domestic Broadcasting Institute (INR) provides an educational role and is a communication port of political ideas, whilst private radio stations focus in (ραδιοφωνο) entertainment. Formidable divulgación tool during World Warfare II, the radio in that case became ubiquitous with the transistor and so changes the daily life of people. Private radio stations just like Radio Luxembourg and The european union 1, which have a listen in Belgium, and more television set leads general public radio renew itself. Buccaneer radio, then the surge of free radio and more recently the technology, are other steps in the evolution of a radio station.

In recounting the progression of the radio panorama, Philippe Caufriez evokes recollections of several generations of listeners. In addition, collection clear the many politics, monetary and cultural problems of any highly competitive multimedia right from the start off. Finally, it shows the prospects for renewal proposed by digital means of creation, (καυσοξυλα) distribution and reception of radio programs.


20 months after its AGM 2014, held in Strasbourg CUEJ March 22, 1014 following(ενεργειακα τζακια τιμες)  your international conference "Information and radio journalism in the modern age, " the GRER hold its (ενεργειακα τζακια) AGM 2015 Saturday, December five, 2015 in continuation of the 'seminar Saturday "devoted to" Perspectives within the response (πονος στη μεση) and the radio market. Two types of strategies inches

Location: 2 repent Vivienne, 75002 Paris (Salle Demargne the ground ground in the (τεντες) Galerie Colbert)


PV approval of the AGM 2014

Meaning report and activity record by the Chairman of GRER (παλετες)

- Financial record by Treasurer (or his delegate)

- Debate and votes on reports(χαρτοκιβωτια)

-Projects Publications and publishing

-- Projects for the approaching year (μεσοθεραπεια)

- Other organization (thank you to get in touch with them in advance in the event you wish).( μεταφορες μετακομισεις  )

       The discussions and votes are to get members GRER to particular date of contribution towards the working (μετακομισεις αθηνα )  day of the AG, although anyone wishing to find out about the activities of GRER and projects will be also(νυχια γαλλικο) welcome at this kind of meeting. If you can easily not attend, you may send us simply simply by return mail, or through any(σχεδια για νυχια) person in GRER today a proxy vote (model below).

This AG is definitely a year without polls AG (except resignations).(ορθοπεδικος)

Searching forward to seeing you with this General Assembly to further grow the general GRER,.(ορθοπεδικος χειρουργος)








There are many fad diets and USP is one of the best known. The USP is a mythical diet regime that emerged in the 90s that promises to lose 14 kilos in 14 days. Contrary to appearances, the diet of the USP was not created at the University of Sao Paulo and there are no records to be used in hospitals to treat patients with heart disease. If you know anything about the origins of the diet, please leave a comment! (Fat Diminisher Review)

In this article we will analyze the menu of the USP diet and will publish testimonials I received email from several readers who have made ​​the diet of USP.


Menu USP Diet
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Before starting the diet of the analysis is important to know that these fad diets may give good resultsin weight loss, but this does not guarantee the maintenance of ideal weight. Diet jump diet without improving eating habits can do more harm than good. The accordion effect is not good for the body and is not good for the mind. So it is important to analyze these diets, try to understand its effects and learn from it.(review of fat diminisher pdf)


To improve health and have a more aesthetic body not just lose weight, you need to lose fat and maintain muscle mass. Many of these diets have a high caloric restriction and body responds to calorie deficit by burning fat, loss of muscle mass and decreased fluid retention. To maintain muscle mass requires a moderate calorie deficit and weight training or high intensity.(check fat diminisher program reviews)

Content of the listing: [Hide]

  • 1 Weight loss Up to 14 Kilos in 14 days?
  • 2 Menu USP Diet
    • 2.1 Day 1 - Eggs and salad
    • 2.2 Day 2 - steak and ham
    • 2.3 Day 3 - Eggs and salad with ham
    • 2.4 Day 4 - Egg and Fruit Salad
    • 2.5 Day 5 - Chicken in BBQ and eggs
    • 2.6 Day 6 - Fillet of Fish and Eggs
    • 2.7 Day 7 - Cow Steak and Free Dinner
    • 2.8 Remarks
  • 3 Analysis of the USP of the Diet Menu
    • 3.1 Café USP Diet Morning
    • 3.2 Lunch USP Diet
    • 3.3 Dinner USP Diet
  • 4 The USP of the Diet Lose weight Really?
  • 5 Side Effects of USP Diet
  • 6 Why I do not recommend the USP of the Diet
  • 7 Testimonials from USP Diet
    • 7.1 The Diet USP does not work
    • 7.2 The USP of the Diet Motivates More Weight loss?
    • 7.3 The USP of the Diet No Help in Food Reeducation
    • 7.4 The Restrictive Diet and Follow Hard
    • 7.5 Testimonials Negatives About the USP of the Diet
    • 7.6 Effect Accordion After the USP of the Diet
    • 7.7 The diet is extreme and Hard to Follow
    • 7.8 Side Effects USP Diet
    • 7.9 The USP of the Diet is recommended by nutritionists?
    • 7:10 Success with USP Diet

Up to 14 Kilos lose weight in 14 days?

Lose a kilo a day for 14 days is an extreme and impossible goal for most people! It is possible for people with obesity, but it's still not recommended.

The messages I have received, the average weight loss is between 3-6 kilos. Everything depends on the initial weight, diet and exercise. A person who is very overweight and have an unhealthy diet will lose a lot of weight in the diet of USP, simply by eating fewer calories and more nutrients. A person who already has healthy habits will have a less impressive result.



The definitive guide to WordPress SEO

SEO para WordPressI love WordPress! Seriously, (μετακομισεις αθηνα) I love it. I use since its first versions, and as it has evolved, I evolved done with it.(χαρτοκιβωτια)

He has provided both life in the development of projects which have not enough words to thank his creators what it means for me. (παλετες)

That's why I decided to write this guide to WordPress SEO . (schlüsseldienst gladbeck)To help those who want to use this wonderful software (τεντες) for their web projects. As you see, it is perfect for applying techniques of SEO On-page. It puts it all easy and simple,  incuso for those who have no idea of programming.(μεταφορες μετακομισεις)

In this guide I explain all points of SEO that must be taken into account WordPres working (telescopeson modifications to be made ​​to the basic installation, the best plugins for each point, and recommended best practices.(metal detectors)

WordPress is in constant evolution, so it will keep this guide updated as  they come (τεντες αθηνα) out new versions, so you always serve as a reference. Currently it to version 3.0.4 . (Andaman tour packages)

So, without further ado ... Let's start!

1. Basic Optimization

A newly installed WordPress is already very, very good to index. At least more than most CMS that are out there. But we can still improve. Let's see how.(andaman packages)

1.1 friendly URLs

This is the first thing that has to change. The appearance of the URLs, to be friendly.(πονος στη μεση)That is, rather than a mess of numbers and letters, interesting words are descriptive.We must change the structure that comes standard with the following:(μεσοθεραπεια)




If you make these changes to an existing web, you need to install (τεντες τιμες) the plugin ενεργειακα τζακια τιμες Redirection, so that search engines do not desindexen existing URLs. This plugin is fine, since you create 301 redirects automatically when a URL changes. (καυσοξυλα)

1.2 ¿Place "www" o no?

Does not matter. Choose one of the two options, but choose one. In my case, do not use the "www", I prefer the structure "". Less is more. To make this change, you must go to Settings -> General, and modify the following fields:(ξυλα για τζακι)


Choose if you want to use the "www" or not

If you change this setting and keep it Petara all. But relax, or nothing happens.(serrurier Paris)  It's just that the URL has changed, and your browser still has directed you to the previous version. Simply accesses the control panel and see that everything is fine. (Deep Patel)

1.3 Putting the / at the end of the URL?

As with the www. Does not matter. Choose whether (agen bola) to place a / at the end of the URL, but above all, that you can not access the same page of the two modes. More information in the article " Should we put bar at the end of the URL? "  (engagement rings los angeles)

1.4 Sitemaps

WordPress still do not understand how this option has no default. (House cleaning) A sitemap is a file, (buy plexus) usually called "sitemap.xml" containing a list of each and every one of your web pages you want indexed. Post construction cleaning

There is a great plugin called Google XML Sitemaps that is responsible for (IAQ) generating that file and keep it updated each time you write a new post. It also lets you select exactly which pages you want to place, and is responsible for notifying the search engines each time you update your site.( accounting firms Toronto )


You must decide that you include in your sitemap pages

Attention! Whatever you choose here should match the point 4.1 Indexing , since it is assumed that the pages you have on your sitemap are those that want to index.(Steam water heater)

1.5 Load Speed

I have spoken of how quickly load several times. More information can be expanded in the article " Increase the speed of the web with .htaccess "and" How to improve loading speed of your website . " Follow the advice.

A particular level of WordPress, we can use the plugin WP Super Cache , which it does is convert static .php to .html files, which load much faster.

Another factor to consider is to have a good stay. Sometimes, to save a few euros, we lose far more than we think. I use the hosting of CDmon , that level of money is the best there is.

2. Code optimization

2.1 Clean leftover code

WordPress code is full of requests to the database in most cases we can save, and that always returns the same value. An example with the language definition and encoding.The code that comes in the template is as follows:

<html <?php language_attributes(); ?>>
<meta charset="<?php bloginfo( 'charset' ); ?>" />

As we can see, there are two requests. The language, and the (Chlorinator repairs Brisbane) encoding. As these values ​​in principle we will not ever change, it is best to place the values ​​directly. In this case, would be:

<html dir="ltr" lang="es-ES">
<meta charset="UTF-8" />

So we improved the speed of loading and saved a couple of requests to the database.To know that we must place values, we can see the source code of the page, where we see those same lines, we only copy into place the code.

Many other petitions that we can save, replacing the consultation for its direct value.The most common are:

<?php bloginfo( 'stylesheet_url' ); ?>
<?php bloginfo( 'pingback_url' ); ?>
<?php bloginfo( 'name' ); ?>
<?php bloginfo( 'description' ); ?>
<?php echo home_url( '/' ) ?>

2.2 Encabezados (<h1>, <h2>, etc.)

This we should have properly configured the default template, but it's worth checking out. Make sure the <h1> is the name of the homepage, blog, and custom title you decide on the remaining pages (see section 1.2) . You can edit the files single.php i page.php.(Pool light repairs)

They should be used descriptions of the categories. Really!

2.3 Titles of pages (TITLE tag)

By default, WordPress creates a title style you:

Name Blog »Blog Archive» Title post

This can be improved, because search engines give more importance to the first words of the title, and the same with the users, who read the first words first, as is logical. Any SEO plugin will let you change that structure. You can use the Platinum SEO Pack , for example. I recommend the following structures:

  • For posts: Title of post | Blog name
  • Categories: Category | Blog name
  • Tags: Tag | Blog name
  • Files: Blog name

2.4 Descriptions (META Description tag)

With the same plugin you control the title, you can control the meta tag description, although not serve to position your website , if it serves to convince the user to click, because this text is displayed in search results. Make sure that not only the posts and pages are description, but also the categories. The inputs can edit -> Categories:


They should be used descriptions of the categories. Really!

Do not use plugins to generate automatic alerts. They suck. For that, better not do anything. Almost'd better let Google put what he pleases. More information on how to force Google to use your META Description .

2.5 Pictures (ALT and TITLE)

It has been much talk about how to optimize images, which is already a bit tiresome.But it is true that more and more often appear images on Google search results page .So we have to get it right.

For starters, the "alt" and "title" of the <img>. Attributes We must be consistent with the file name, which must be relevant, the name-of-the-imagen.jpg type. Nor can we sobreoptimizar, or Google will notice it. Especially it should be consistent and relevant.Ah! Do not forget to include images in the sitemap of your website, with the XML tags <image: image> and <image: loc>.

If you get much stick have to be doing it (it would be best), there are some plugins, likeSEO Friendly Images that you do automatically, placing TITLE and ALT changes the title of the post.

2.6 The styles in .css

All your styles should be in .css files. Normally " style.css ". Do not use styles on page templates, with the attribute style = "foo: talycual," because users can load it into cache, making it the fastest website and search engines do not even have to load them, what It becomes even faster.

3. Links and internal navigation

3.1 Contextual Links

It is very important to link the internal pages of the website with relevance to each other.I explain. If I make a post that talks about the usefulness of the Description tag, and after three weeks one over as forcing Google to use that label, it is worth to manually include a link between them, within the article . Thus, the issues are grouped conceptually, and Google looks clearer "that is" the web.

There are some plugins, like Yet Another Related Posts Plugin , they do automatically.Not a bad idea to use them, provided they also will continue doing it manually within the content of the post, because Google values ​​more that link. Best of such plugins is that sometimes occur with a post from which not even you remembered having written ... it must be that I am now old;)

3.1 Barra lateral

One of the major sins we commit in the sidebar (or bars) , is putting too much information, and it is usually the same on all pages. Is it worth having the blogroll visible all the time?

These links are called wide links , ie "wide link", as it is repeated in each and every page of the website. In other words, if our website has 500 pages, 500 have links to the same site. And Google already has long discounted them as important and may even be cause for suspicion of unauthorized strategies.

Also, the more external links put, the more likely that the user leaves. So if you want to link to someone do it in the home, or in a special page for that.

And as regards the relevance of the page content to those links is zero. Same with the section "Files". Do you really think someone will be interested in going to look at the posts of "July 2007"? Nobody will or because Google only complicate her life. Or whatever it was.

3.2 breadcrumbs

The breadcrumbs (breadcrumbs or bread crumbs) are a line of words is usually displayed at the top of the web that tells you where you are. Usually have a painting like this:

You are in: Home> Category> Article

This prevents the user from being lost, and helps search engines to understand the structure of your website. The best plugin to respect, is Yoast Breadcrumbsundoubtedly.

3.3 Internal Search

The search engine WordPress gives it. It is one of his weaknesses, and always will be.And it is to do a search engine is not easy. In fact, it is very, very difficult. Complicated. I therefore recommend removing it, and use a much better search engine. Maybe I sound. It's called Google.

Yeah exactly. You can use the search king to search within your blog, without leaving it, thanks to a free Google service that allows you to place a search within your website, using its search technology. Let's see how it is integrated into my web:


Google Custom Search is integrated on the web

To use it you must give them high in  Google Custom Search , and install the Google Custom Search Plugin . A 5-minute work that will solve this issue for good.

4. Duplicate Content

This is one of the worst problems of any website. And if it is not configured well, WordPress can be a source of duplicate content.

First of all, we must understand what duplicate content. The idea is simple. If Google can "read" the same text in two different URL (can be different for every little thing, even a single letter, a sign, the www from the beginning, or the bar / at the end) , and considers that content is duplicate . And Google penalizes a lot, as it understands that there is an original page, but they are all copies.

Having said this, we must know that by default, WordPress can present the same information in seven different ways.

  1. The artíulo page
  2. File Search Results
  3. Chronological files (items classified by days, months or years)
  4. Categories (items categorized)
  5. Tags (items according to their labels)
  6. Pages (see the articles "turning the page" back or forward)
  7. Author (see the papers of a particular author)

That is, if you do not monitor, we have increased sevenfold content, since you can achieve the same post through seven innings. What can we do about it? Simple. Tell Google not to index duplicate content.

4.1 Indexing

The easiest way to tell Google what to not index is the plugin Meta Robots . Thanks to this, we can tell the search engines that index and no index.



To not index duplicate content, using the Robots Meta plugin

Selecting the options that Google do not index what you do not care. I for anything but what desindexo categories, and that interests me position the category itself. To avoid being considered duplicate content in the categories I show only a small piece of each item, so that a duplicate item is not considered in itself.

4.2 Disables so you do not need

If your blog is a single author, you can disable files by author. And if you do not show the chronological files, also disables these. You can do everything with the same plugin.If you disable assured that no one will access them via direct URL.


If you do not use, uncheck the chronological file and authors

Page 4.3

For the search engines crawl your entire site, you must reduce the maximum number of clicks. So it is a good practice to replace the typical menu of "previous" navigation "back" for a bar like this page:


Bar page, useful for crawlers and users

This can be done with the plugin WP-PageNavi , you're going to take 5 minutes, and will improve usability and search engine tracking. You just have to place the following code where you want show:

<?php wp_pagenavi(); ?>

4.4 Nofollows

When you place a "nofollow" to an internal link, you're telling Google "Hey, do not go there, that is not what is important." So, put "nofollows" in all links that target pages that do not want position. Often the case the contact form, registration page, legal notice, etc. So just let index "what really matters" and not repartes PageRank to irrelevant pages.

5. Optimizing conversions

If you use WordPress for your blog, your conversions will surely focus on your readers.Normally the variables are want to improve visits, subscriptions and comments.


The first thing we have to do so practically required is to install Analytics on our website.It is an indispensable tool. I know there are others, and this and that, but let's not complicate life.

To make it simpler and easier, use the plugin Google AnAlytics for WordPress , which we will implement the code automatically. In addition, we can set up to capture us that Analytics does not capture custom default variables, such as the pages to which we direct traffic (outbonds) , or the number of downloads of documents.

5.1 Subscriptions

To make people subscribe to your blog, you should remind at the right time and in the right place that point to your feed. A good place to put the RSS button near the form can be used to comment, because if someone is interested to the point of leaving a comment on your blog, you may be more susceptible to subscribe to it.

You should also assess if your audience knows what the RSS, because depending on your industry and your user profile, it is useless to try to subscribe, because they will not know what to do with a feed.

5.2 Reviews

Comments are one of the most important aspects of a blog. Not only because people ask you things, corrects, congratulates you or criticize you, but also because itestablishes links between all those who converse, sometimes just creating a group of people linked to the same topic.

One of the best ways to enhance the reviews is i nvitando people to comment .Maybe you can throw a question to air, seek opinions or sometimes even advice. And if they do, you do not thank them more, or even welcome. In fact, there is a plugin calledredirect comment previously used to that. At the time when someone says for the first time , it redirects to a page and thank you for your comment.

Another very interesting plugin is  Twitoaster , which allows you to display and retweets responses that you receive from Twitter and display them as if they were comments indicating who has.


Example of how tweets and retweets are as comments

Another technique that lets you keep the talks alive is to install the plugin Subscribe to Comments , which allows the user to select whether a cell is notified by mail if someone later adds more to his comments. Particularly useful if your comment is a question, as this will know quickly if someone responds.


By selecting this option, the user who made the comment know if someone answers

6. SEO Off-Page para WordPress

So far I have talked about what to do in your WordPress. Now time to talk about what to make out of it.

6.1 Follow your followers

The average readers commenting on an article is 1%. You must take care! If you also have a blog, read it, follow them, and carries valuable comments. This will strengthen ties and estblecerá one lasting relationship.

6.2 Twitter & Facebook

The two social networks that have been imposed in Spain are currently without Facebook and Twitter discussion. The first thing to do is open an account on both networks, and install the plugin Stats Updater that lets you update your Facebook and Twitter status automatically every time you publish a new post.

Between these two systems, the one that works best to let you know is Twitter, because by default, everything you write is public. Thus, if someone searches Twitter on a theme of your blog, you can easily find you. And if you "retwitea", you will see all his followers, who probably also have some relationship to the subject.

6.3 Search and still related blogs

If you want to position your blog for certain keywords, go to  Google Blogs , and look for those words. You should know and participate in all blogs that appear on the first page.

It means participate in the good sense of the word. Nothing to do spam and escape.Get involved really, creates links and meet other bloggers personally. Regardless of the SEO world, that is what any professional should do in their sector.

7. Content

Anyway, I leave the most important for last. The content. In this guide I have explained what to do to improve the SEO technical level. But it is missing the most important. The content of your website. If your content sucks, and you optimize, you shit optimized.Let's see how it should be the content of your website.

7.1 Original Content

Not worth making a copy and paste from Wikipedia. It is justified if you want to quote something, but not to whole posts without added value. What you write should be yours.

Obviously you can have your sources , but you must "Sablar" content. For example, if your blog is in Castilian, you can find good articles in other languages, translate , mix ,adapt , modify , add information to your harvest, and make your own article, quotingyour sources.

7.2 Content Quality

What we said. It offers only quality content , taking useful to your readers. They have a reason to come to read your web. If you only offer low-quality content to fill, you will not get anything more than a blog with many posts without visits.

It is best to ask yourself "Am I subscribe to my blog?" Or that analyze the blogs you follow. What do you offer ?, Because you read and follow? These answers will help you decide what content to put on your website.(Monogram Necklace)

7.3 Fresh Content

Do not pretend you do SEO if your last post is titled "Happy 2006". You must create content regularly so that both your readers and Google see you're abreast of everything. The obsolete information is useless to anyone, let alone used to be the first in the ranking.

The best thing in this regard is that you establish a "sustainable" basis according to your lifestyle. If you can post every day, go ahead. If once a week, go ahead. But try to avoid "wiped off the map" every few minutes without logical reasons (holidays, business trips, etc.) , because your readers will not understand anything. And in those rare cases, you can tell.(signal decoding software)

8. Linkografía

Everything that is in this guide I have learned with my experience through trial and error, testing plugins, playing juggling code and databases. But I also have to thank some people and websites that helped me a lot to learn everything I know, and what I have written in this book. My sources:


Long Life